Monday, June 18, 2012

Bird in a Gilded Cage

Was walking around at a local art fair and was struck by the artwork of this very nice lady. Had a nice chat with her -- lovely, lovely person. Her artwork has some of the Steampunkesqe themes that are in the general fashion right now. A lot of her nicest pieces are small sculptures (little enough to put on a tabletop, shelf or in a curio cabinet) and she also has some fantastic paintings and giclee pieces. Much of what I saw at the fair is available at her Etsy store.

Why is it a good idea to by art? Here are just a few:

The value of a cheap print or poster generally goes down as time passes, but a real piece of art or a signed print usually holds its value or even increases with time.

Real art can lend a sense of wealth, confidence, prestige and luxury to one's home or office, both to the inhabitants and to the visitors.

Most people who end up becoming professional artists do so because there's not much else they can do -- it's a field where, if you can do anything else, it's probably worth it to do so. It's not a hobby but a livlihood! Artists work hard to create and promote their work (not to mention store it while waiting for it to be purchased.) If you can afford it, spread the love and buy some real artwork lovingly crafted by a passionate individual.

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