Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Book of Voodoo Death Spells

Ever wondered how voodoo death spells really work? Is it all just sticking pins into dolls or is there more?

Death and Destruction: How to Cast Magic Spells for Vengeance, Harm, Etc. remains the ultimate book of voodoo/hoodoo magic spells for jinxes, curses, hexes and revenge. Here is an actual excerpt from this unusual tome:

To Ruin the Happiness of Your Spell-Target

Bottle or Jar
Paper with enemy's name written 9 times
Goofer Dust
Black Salt
Red Wine Vinegar

Begin by rubbing the name-paper thoroughly with Goofer Dust, while cursing your enemy. Shake off the paper, and place it into the jar. Fill the jar a portion of the way with Black Salt, and say "__(name)__, this destroys your luck." Then top it off with the Red Wine Vinegar, and say, "__(name)__, this sours your fortune." Tightly cap the jar, and give it a thorough shaking: the contents will combine into a black sludge. Dispose of the jar in a graveyard.

Those who seek to know further occult methods for holding the supernatural power of evil will do well to purchase a copy from Amazon.

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