Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stereotypical Goth Portrait

While trying to create some promo materials for my eBook "The Gibson Girl's Guide to Make-Up" I accidentally created the following Stereotypical Goth Portrait.

Here's how to make stereotypical Goth portrait like the one above:

  1. Don't smile.
  2. Wear dark lipstick.
  3. Wear dark eyeliner.
  4. If your hair isn't messy to start with, mess it up.
  5. Try to look either sad or pissed off.
  6. Wear black.
  7. Tilt head slightly downward OR hold camera over your head but still look straight forward.


  1. that ebook looks interesting. i think I'll download it. Maybe review it on my blog if that's okay with you.

    1. I'd be happy for you to review the book! Thanks!


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