Monday, May 21, 2012

Make Any Food Goth with Black Salt

Black salt has been turning up everywhere lately, and it seems like an easy way to goth up a plate of food. One marketer even states that this salt "adds drama" to any dish. Who doesn't want drama in their food?

But what is it that gives this salt its black color? Is it dried from the tears of a thousand devils?

While the ads may lead you to believe the salt naturally forms in this spectacular death metal hue from being near volcanos or ashy deposits, the surprising truth is that this "black salt" is merely regular sea salt with food-grade charcoal added to give it color and a smokey taste. This pretty much means you can make it yourself at home, if you know how to get the proportions right.

Black salt can be used in the place of any other coarse salt in recipes, and due to its flashy look might best be applied as a sprinkle. Use it in place of pretzel salt to make Goth Pretzels, or instead of the kosher salt when making Death Fish. See how easy it is to give food ridiculously gothic names once you factor in this salt?

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