Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hoodoo Magic Matches from Hoodoo Online

Hoodoo magic can require an intense array of visual to set the correct tone and create the right energies for any effective magic spell. Even one's choice of matchbox artwork can have an effect. Hoodoo Online has just updated the selection of decorative matchboxes for use in casting your own powerful voodoo and hoodoo spells. Examine the matchbox selection and see how your magic can be helped.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the right images for your own magical work:

Skeletons or Skulls: use to enhance spells for death, harm or revenge, or for ancestor veneration.
Angels: use to enhance blessings, protection, special favors.
Cherubs: use to add strength to love workings.
Horseshoe: use when working luck and gambling spells for an extra boost.
Lovebirds: use to add power to love work, reuniting lovers, and partnerships.
Bees: use for enhancing harm or revenge, the 'sting' of consciousness; or, since bees produce honey, for sweetness.
Yellow Roses: for adding power to love, beauty, luck spells; yellow roses are also a favorite offering to the orisha Oshun, who rules love and wealth.

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