Friday, May 25, 2012

Florida Water Uses

We've discussed Florida Water and its occult properties in a previous post, as well as having previously link to this wonderful list of unusual ways to use perfume. Why not give them a try with Florida Water cologne? Here are some other ways to use Florida Water:

In hot weather, mix the cologne with cold water and soak a towel in it. Drape this wet towel over your shoulders to cool off.

Spray your hairbrush with the cologne before using it.

Or try the tips from this old ad:

(Transcription: "Once used, it is simply indispensible. Grateful on handkerchief or clothing; a fragrant Lotion or Spray; a refreshing addition to the Bath, the Basin, or to the tumbler when brushing the teeth; it is mildly antiseptic and always delightful.")

Here's a tip for staying cool that utilizes an ingredient most hoodoos keep at hand: FLORIDA WATER COLOGNE.

1) mix a bit of Florida Water with plain, cool tap water.
2) pour this into a spray bottle.
3) spray yourself with this mixture.

Ta-da! The alcohol evaporates a bit faster than water, so cools you down faster. The pleasant perfume also helps cover up the stench of old sweat on you.

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