Thursday, March 22, 2012

Verveine (Van Van) Perfumes

Recently at a mall, I decided to stop inside the local L'Occitane store to see the lotions and perfumes they have. One thing I found was Verveine perfume, shampoo, soap, sachets, etc. As most people probably know by now, Van Van is scented with lemongrass oil, which is used to mimic (and historically was often sold as actually being) lemon verbena oil. And many people get verbena confused with lemon verbena.

The L'Occitane perfume is no exception to this: it was definitely of a lemon verbena scent, not plain old European verbena. But this is good news for occultists! All these kickass products can be used now in lieu of Van Van!

Historical recipes of Van Van indicate it was originally one of the standard alcohol perfumes of conjure, and due to its power evolved into being made up as oils, powders, etc. It can be hard to adapt some of the old time recipes for this reason -- for example, Van Van oil doesn't dissolve in water like some of the recipes expect, and doesn't light easily on fire (this procedure was used to add strength to candles: one would light the flame of the candle wick from the Van Van perfume set on fire.)

L'Occitane has a bunch of fun, old fashioned verveine items; I nearly bought out the store when I saw the selection. Here were some of my favorites:

A straight perfume that can be used like old time Van Van, or applied in other creative ways like sprayed on your hairbrush, on your cloth covered clothes-hangers, on a plain piece of paper in your briefcase or school-bag, on your clothing before wearing it, etc.

Shampoo in a Van Van scent is a great way to remove and keep off curses, hexes, jinxes and other negative influences.

Scented sachet bags like this can be laid wherever you store clothing or bedding to gently scent the fabrics, tucked into hats, shoes... they can even function as a mojo all itself and be carried for luck.

If you don't want to burn incense, or just want the scent of Van Van to provide permanent purification, using a diffuser oil like this can be an excellent choice.

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