Friday, March 30, 2012

Money Magic Books

Lately, every could use some more money. I've been noting the sales at the Occult Books Shop (now done through Amazon) and marked the most popular money spell and financial luck books to date:

Wells of Abundance. This is an old book using powerful mental magic to acquire greater wealth and also greater enjoyment of the money you have when you have it. One reviewer credits his wealth and prosperity, which allowed him to retire young, to having read this book and enacted its lessons.

A Little Book of Prosperity Magic. Similarly, this book trains in the mystic powers of mental manipulation to believe in your own wealth so as to gain it. Learn how to fret less about money, create a joy budget, hone the art of giving, and set goals for a prosperous life.

Additionally, my own personal favorite is this one:

Magical Rituals for Money. I've read all three of Donna Rose's "Magical Rituals" series and this one was by far the best of them. It's a simple spellbook, in the modern urban hoodoo tradition (i.e. it uses lots of formulas and ingredients.) But fret not about having to buy a lot of expensive concoctions, for this book also includes recipes for making your own oils and baths.

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