Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ammonia Bath

Some of those who research the old-time bath habits may be familiar with adding ammonia to the bath for spiritual cleansing purposes. Here is an interesting recipe for "refreshing" bath, not from any hoodoo manual but from a 1908 book of household hints:

"A refreshing bath to be taken when one is fatigued or for overstrung nerves is made by simply mixing an ounce of ammonia in the water; but this bath should not be frequently used as ammonia, for all its tonic and refreshing powers, is not conducive to the beauty of the skin. Immediately after a bath let the body be sharply rubbed with a soft towel and then powdered all over with a little plain rice or starch powder. A ball of medicated wool, costing about six cents, can be used in place of the large and expensive powder puff."

Hoodoo folks know of course to use a good spiritual powder as the after-bath dust.

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