Sunday, November 20, 2011

Old Time Van Van Shampoo

This post about homemade shampoo at the Gibson Girl blog gives a recipe for "verbena" shampoo. During this period, verbena oil was a term which usually meant, in fact, lemongrass oil; thus making the recipe one for Van Van shampoo. Here is the recipe:

"Cut in small pieces one-half pound of pure imported castile soap. Put in porcelain kettle with two quarts of warm water and dissolve by boiling. When cold it should be of the consistency of rather thin cream; if thicker, add more water. Stir in one-fourth pint of alcohol and let stand several days in a warm room. All the alkali and impurities will settle to the bottom of the bottle, leaving the liquid as clear as crystal. Pour off carefully, leaving the residue for kitchen purposes. Perfume with a few drops of oil of verbena, or any scent one may prefer. A small quantity of this used in the shampoo is delightfully cleansing."

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