Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spiritual Bathing: Fast Version

What happens when you require a spiritual cleansing but haven't the time, or perhaps just haven't the ability, to take a complete bath or a shower for purification? The following ritual can help you to perform a fast spiritual cleansing on yourself for jinx removing, turning around bad luck, starting fresh, etc.


Perfume - Florida Water is a good multi-purpose mixture, but Van Van, Indian Clear Water, Divine Water and so on can be used depending on your intent and on what is available to you.
Soap - a cleansing spiritual soap is best, such as Florida Water soap, camphor soap, sandalwood soap, Octagon, lemongrass soap, etc.
Water - plain tapwater, or whatever water you usually bathe with, is fine. You do not need to fill a tub with this but you do need to have easy access to it while doing the rite.

  1. Wet your lower arms (elbow down) and lather them up using the selected soap. Try to use strokes going from the elbow out to the fingers when applying and scrubbing with the soap.
  2. Wet your legs from the knees down, and likewise lather them with the soap, using downward strokes (knees to the toes.)
  3. Rinse off the soap.
  4. Mix in your hand a bit of water and perfume. Apply this mixture in downward strokes to your arms and hands and to your legs and feet, the same areas just washed.
  5. Dot a small amount of the perfumed water on your head.
  6. Let yourself air dry so the perfume will soak into your skin.

There you go -- a fast and in my experience reasonably effective spiritual cleansing. Start to finish this can usually be done in 3 minutes or less. Of course very bad conditions will still need a full bath and possibly some other uncrossing work as well, but for general maintenance this spiritual cleansing is quite suitable.

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