Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blood and Smoke Incense

Magical practices such as hoodoo, cabala and others tend to make use of formulas to assist in the casting of magic spells. Many of them take their basis from the teaching of Agrippa in his books on Occult Philosophy. One of the teachings of Agrippa -- which really was considered more or less to be standard scientific knowledge at the time -- was that the 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) hold influence over certain matters of daily life and people's behavior. Various herbs and minerals were considered to be linked to the planets, and certain mixtures could be used to provoke their helpful influences.

There is a website called Alchemy Works that specializes in making these kinds of formulas. Recently I bought some incense from them of which even Dethklok would approve: BLOOD AND SMOKE. This is a Mars incense (Mars being the God of War) and its use is meant for violent or manly works. The scent of it is far from pretty; it is like burning leaves and barbeque charcoal. There does seem to be some myrrh and dragonsblood resin in the mix, but it must be very little because this stuff burns up very fast and very smokey soon as it hits the coal. It's certainly a scent I can recommend to add atmosphere to a room if yo want that 'dungeon' kind of feel.

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