Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quack Remedies: Oil to Cure Wounds in 24 Hours

Oyl to Cure Wounds in 24 Hours, and for a Rupture

Take common oyl six pound, oyl of firr tree one pound, choice myrrh six ounces, washt aloes, frankincense, of each six ounces, mummy two ounces, common glew six ounces, cochineal four ounces, ship pitch six ounces, gum of the sycomore tree two ounces, lees of oil two pound, of marsh mallows seven ounces; put all these into a strong glass retort, and boyl them twelve hours in a balneo: then strayn them, and add to the strained liquor dragons four handfulls, flowers of wild pomegranates, four handfulls; great comfrey with the flowers, herb and root, four handfulls; ripe dates twenty-five; St. John's wort, thorow wax, small century, shepherds purse, of each four handfulls; boyl them again in balneo eighteen hours, then set them in the sun a whole summer in a glass very well stopt. After this take all out, strain it, pressing it very hard, and to the oyl add at last beaten saffron three ounces, and boyl all together three hours, and keep this oyl for your use. If you would use this oil for a rupture, you must first shave off the hayre, then for fifteen days yuo must anoint the rupture twice every day: then bind it over with a hogs bladder and firm ligature: and you must be carefull that the patient keep his bed for fifteen days.

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