Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goth Crayons

The above image is a Photoshop off the Worth1000 site, as the watermark indicates. However, after seeing this, some friends of mine at the Goth Blog started asking how to get such a set. I'm famed for my shopping abilities, and so set out on this quest. It didn't take long to find the answer to this mystery -- you can indeed get your own custom Goth crayon set (or whatever crayon set you want) at The Crayola Store. A selection of Black, Gray, Timberwolf and Brick Red will make the set. (Or you can choose Black, Gray, Brick Red and Black again, or whatever you want.) You will get a set with 16 of each color. To make them look like the photo above you will, of course, need to mix them up yourself (they come packaged one color to a compartment.) It looks like, with the shipping, it'll run about $17 or $18 a box depending where you live in the US. (Foreigners I must imagine would pay more.) This hideous photo of a screaming kid demonstrates what you can expect of a custom color box.

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