Friday, March 25, 2011

Gypsy Witch Tropical Spells Hoodoos and Voodoos

So. I have a small collection of occult books, and am always on the lookout for ideas for new spells, given my line of work and all. The other day I came across a new book called Tropical Spells: Hoodoos and Voodoos. Sounded like a good bargain; it includes the text of the Black Pullet, so it's like two books in one. Might have some neat spells, since the title sounded like it was going to focus more on "tropical" (i.e. less-Americanized) Voodoo and hoodoo.

So I get the book, and it's one of those things where it's mostly just material lifted from other easily-found sources. The copy of the Black Pullet they're using is that same one floating around the internet with grainy images (I'd sort of hoped it would be a new translation... or at least have better quality scans of the pictures.) And the spells are lifted from various websites. Including my own. They didn't even change my bizarre inclination toward archaic wording that results from reading too many medieval cookbooks. So they nabbed my Bottle Spell to Coerce Love (spell of my own invention) and my To Be Rid of an Old, Budensome Relationship (spell of my own invention) and my own rehashing of a Marie Laveau spell that I'd been using in promo materials when I had those cat bones for sale -- didn't even bother to change my wording, it opens with my old This is reputed to be "The Best Gambling Hand" in the work attributed to Marie Laveau.... (Though I think they did mess with the instruction for how to make a fixed nutmeg that goes within the spell. I'm sure I'd have mentioned using mercury before offering up the substitute for it.)

Anyway, not going to try to sue them or anything since I doubt this would make up even 4% of the total book and I'm usually of the opinion that spreading info around is better for the culture as a whole, anyway. (Though damn, you could have at least RETYPED IT yourself so it was your own, lady, instead of just reformatting it. If you don't retype it all yourself into your own words, then you credit your source -- that's just normal procedure.)

Anyway, if you buy through this link, I actually can get my deserved 4% of the price, courtesy of --

On a related note, the Free Spells Blog that I keep, from which a couple of the spells were lifted, is another example of reapplying spells from various sources and republishing them. I have noticed, however, some misunderstandings about that blog. For example, someone a while ago was reposting a spell from it on a forum, and accompanied the post saying something like "the author says you can reuse them as long as you credit her." No no no! That was not said anywhere AND that's not at all the goal of the blog! That whole blog was published with the intent that anyone who uses the spells should REPORT BACK WHETHER IT WORKED, and it says this right on the info page. It's of note that I don't think a single person has yet reported back to me whether the formulas or spells worked for them -- every bit of data I have was gathered from myself or from the person who gave me the spell in the first place. I encourage you all -- go check out the free spells, and use them, and then COME BACK AND TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED :)

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