Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Great Occult Find on Amazon... The EVIL EYE STORE

The Evil Eye Store.

Yes, someone put together a whole Amazon Marketplace business focusing on evil eye charms. Some of the highlights of the stock:

The Evil Eye is an internationally held belief that someone (usually unintentionally) can place curse upon you by envying you or something of yours. The mechanics of it, as I picked up from the oft-recommended Eros and Magic in the Renaissance, is that every object has a pneuma, or spirit, which can be absorbed or damaged by another person looking at it. The book quotes from Agrippa:

"Fascination is a force which, emanating from the spirit of the fascinator, enters the eyes of the fascinated person and penetrates his heart. Spirit is therefore the instrument of fascination. It emits from the eyes rays resembling itself, bearing with them spiritual quality. Hence rays emanating from eyes that are bloodshot and bleary, on meeting the eyes of the beholder, carry with them the vapor of the spirit and of tainted blood, thus spreading the contagion to the beholder's eyes."

Evil eye charms are used to protect a person or their possessions from falling victim to this phenomenon, which is said to cause illness, bad luck, or emotional problems. Evil eye charms can be worn on the body or placed on one's property. They usually involve the color blue and something eye-shaped.

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