Sunday, March 27, 2011


A common question/complaint I hear from people who want to cast their own spells but don't want to do them the right way:

"But I'm afraid of the graveyard!"

Then, I must ask, why are you dabbling in spells that require you to go there? There are maybe two kinds of spells that require going to these places, either to collect or deposit ingredients; either you're doing harmful works, which isn't exactly supposed to be fun and pleasant for anyone to start with, or else it's something that has you directly contacting the dead like psychic work or ancestor work, in which case if you're so frightened of the dead you really shouldn't be doing this anyway.

Now, I suppose to be fair some folks live in bad neighborhoods where the graveyards become gathering places for criminals (if you've ever been to the St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans you know there are even signs all over the place warning about the muggings that go on there) but even at that it should just be a matter of either going with friends or else traveling to a nicer graveyard to do your work. Most of the time, though, this doesn't seem to even be the trouble. Usually the complaint is defended with a mere "I'm just really creeped out by them" or something along those lines.

If you're not able to handle graveyards then you likely can't handle a spell that utilizes them. In these cases, consider whether you really even need to be doing the spell in question.

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