Saturday, November 6, 2010

Palm Reading How To

Some years ago I picked up a great book about palm reading in a second hand bookshop: The Complete Encyclopedia of Practical Palmistry. Not really an encyclopedia but more of an oddly formatted instructional book, it isn't guilty of the cold-reading so many palm reading guides give (this one actually claims to predict broken bones and results of romances!)

Palm reading, of course, is a long-term fortune predictor -- it's not something you generally do to find out the news on your latest business endeavor or whether this guy or that is worth dating, unless you believe the event in question is likely to have some longterm effect. It gives, rather, an overview of your whole life.

I had, apparently at some point in the past, written down my palm reading according to the book and tucked it away amongst the pages. I recently came back across it, several years now having passed, and it seems to still be holding quite true! Thus, I quite recommend the palmistry book of Marcel Broekman.

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