Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Conjure Cookbook : A Magical Formulary

The Conjure Cookbook: Making Magic with Oils, Incense, Powders and Baths

Ever wondered what goes into Goona Goona oil? Wanted to know how to make your own Kiss Me Quick floor wash? In this easy to use spell formulary you can find recipes for almost 200 different conjure formulas according to old-fashioned methods. Instructions, history and tables of substitution are all included. Make some magic with The Conjure Cookbook. It is a brand new formulary of traditional conjure style recipes!

Included are formulas for famous mixtures such as --

Come To Me (pg 42)
Van Van (pg 76)
Bend Over (pg 38)
Follow Me Boy (pg 49)
Special Oil #20 (pg 33)
Controlling (pg 44)
Goofer Dust (pg 32)
Road Opener (pg 70)
Hot Foot (pg 55)
Fiery Wall of Protection (pg 48)
Attraction (pg 37)
Spell Breaker (pg 73)
Cast Off Evil (pg 41)
Peace (pg 66)
Lady Luck (pg 59)
Money Drawing (pg 64)

...And many, many more!

No longer will you need to spend vast sums on formulas that only use a few dollars worth of ingredients - no more worrying that you're getting conned with a fake formula - no more colored talc passed off as conjure powders! You may now get The Conjure Cookbook: Making Magic with Oils, Incense, Powders and Baths available from Amazon.com, but additionally you can buy it from the publisher -- and, as a bonus, when you order from their site, you can get $5 off the price of Conjure Cookbook with this coupon code by entering it at checkout:


This more than covers the cost of economy shipping (which is usually substantially more swift than the estimate leads you to believe.) Take this opportunity to pick up some additional books -- they only run 25
¢ - 50¢ to ship along.

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