Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hexes and Harmful Magic

The shops are setting out the Halloween supplies, meaning now's a great time of year to stock up on spellcast sundries -- particularly for enemy work and other evil spells. (Really, when else can you just walk into the grocery and buy black skull candles?)

In honor of the occasion, here's one of the "black magic" spells from the book Death and Destruction.

To Ruin the Happiness of Your Spell-Target

Bottle or Jar

Paper with enemy's name written 9 times

Goofer Dust

Black Salt

Red Wine Vinegar

Begin by rubbing the name-paper thoroughly with Goofer Dust, while cursing your enemy. Shake off the paper, and place it into the jar. Fill the jar a portion of the way with Black Salt, and say "__(name)__, this destroys your luck." Then top it off with the Red Wine Vinegar, and say, "__(name)__, this sours your fortune." Tightly cap the jar, and give it a thorough shaking: the contents will combine into a black sludge. Dispose of the jar in a graveyard.

You can buy black salt, goofer dust, and your own copy of Death and Destruction at - it's a great way to learn to employ all the useful Halloween items available near you.

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