Saturday, August 1, 2009

Conquerors for Ladies

In hoodoo tradition, the John the Conqueror root is the symbol of masculinity; it's even (rarely) called "man root." Its properties include the ability to draw money, success, wit, virility, love, crossing, uncrossing, and luck.
The female root is the Queen Elizabeth Root, more commonly called Orris Root. It's good for having babies.

The bizarrity of the fact that babies is one of the few things the original Queen Elizabeth never did seems rarely to dawn on anyone. No one uses the roots for power, no one uses them for money, no one uses them to take down the Armada. Nope, these roots are only used for fertility, and things that lead to fertility (love and sex.)
To this offence, add the fact that the John the Conqueror root is considered so masculine and manly, that many people even insist that formulas which contain it are "For Men Only" and label their products so.

What is there for the modern woman who aspires to something besides "babies" and "control man"? Well, here's what I've been told: girls can happily use Conqueror roots too. Just as lodestones come in male and female (the shape tells you which is which) so do these. A male Conqueror is longer and usually more pointy. A female one is rounded. All a woman needs to do to use the John the Conqueror root to whatever gain she wants without upsetting any spiritual gender balance, is to choose a rounded one.

With your female Conqueror root, you can go out and do all the stuff a Queen Elizabeth root ought to do but doesn't. Maybe we can call it a King Christina root.

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